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Salt Magick_Ways to Use Salt in Your Witchcraft Practice

he way you use salt in your practice is completely up to you and only limited to your creativity and preference. Here’s just a few witchy ways to make salt magick:

In Kitchen Witchcraft: salt flavors food, draws out spiritual impurities, cleanses and protects (note Witches Black salt isn’t edibile)
Spread salt over your thresholds and windowsills to absorb negative energy and ward off spirits
Encircle your house or sacred space as a protective barrier
Bowls of salt placed around the home absorb bad vibes
Cleanse crystals and other tools by placing in a bowl of salt
Sprinkle a tablespoon of salt to the bath to cleanse the aura and aid in healing
Add a tablespoon to moon water to increase its purifying effects
Encircle your candle spells with salt to contain the energy and protect from negative energy
Add salt to spell bottles, bags, jars, and herbal pillows
Include salt magick in your foot soaks
Incorporate salt in your magical sprays to cleanse the home and sacred space before ritual
Salt, while generally not encouraged in spirit work, can be used as offering to certain deities including Berchta (whose cult lived and worked in salt mines) and sea salt given to sea gods like Poseidon or Lyr

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