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Sigils_A Beginner Guide

What Are Sigils?


Sigils are what you would consider symbols that hold power. This power can range from nothing to mostly everything as sigils are made by one's intent and desired outcome. If your intent isn't there, the sigil you made may not work as much as you thought it would.

Sigils in my opinion are extremely easy to make and are useful for many things. Each sigil is coded with your own intent and can only be deciphered by you, allowing your intention to remain a secret as the universe works to align and deliver whatever you desire.

There are different kinds of sigils. Such as audio sigils, name sigils and zodiac sigils. An audio sigil is a unique series or collection of sounds. You can play sounds together or in sequence to get your sigil. I believe this sigil would suit those whose interest is music. A name sigil is where the intent is just a name and not a statement. Like name sigils, a zodiac sigil is just the name of a zodiac sign instead of a complete statement.

What Do You Use Sigils For?


As mentioned before, sigils are extremely

useful in my opinion. They have many uses

as long as your intent is there. Here i will

list a few examples.

Uses of Sigils

ㅡ Protection.

ㅡ Spells.

ㅡ Whatever you want to accomplish.

ㅡ Whatever you desire.

Let's say your sigil is "I Attract Money And Wealth".

I'd recommend not stressing and worrying about

when you will get the money after making the sigil.

For example; think of sigils as a way to manifest

something. To manifest something, you'll have to

believe in the universe. As you doubt something the

less it may happen, if that makes sense in a way.

I also mentioned before that a sigil's power can

range from nothing to mostly everything depending

on your intent. However, if it's something like "I have lilac coloured hair" your sigil would most likely not make your hair lilac. You should just go buy some hair dye for that.

You can also put sigils anywhere really. For example if it's a protection sigil, you can wear it on you or even draw it on yourself. Wherever you feel like that sigil belongs, put it there or draw the sigil on there.

How Do You Make A Sigil?


Sigils have many methods on how to make one. In this post I will show one of the methods I use to make my sigils and link some posts on tumblr and on amino that show how they did it. Find whatever methods you believe fits/suits you the most !

Before i start. Remember that all words have power negative and positive. When making sigils you'd want to stay away from negative/contradicting words and phrases. That is why instead of writing "I WILL", "I NEED", "I WANT", "I HOPE", etc, you should write "I AM (something)", "I (something)" and such phrases.
Source : aminoapp.com ( ✣ Allen // Death )

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