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Brief History of Sigils

Brief History of Sigils


Sigils has been around for a very long time. In medieval ceremonial magic, the term sigil was commonly used to refer to occult signs which represented various angels and demons. With those sigils they tried to summon whatever spiritual being the sigil represented.

A very well known list of sigils would be in "The Lesser Key of Solomon". In total there are 72 sigils that represent each spirit/demon who Solomon summoned. Such sigils were considered to be the equivalent of the true name of the spirit and thus granted the person who had them a measure of control over the beings.

My knowledge when it comes to summoning isn't a lot. Though, I'd say you should evoke the being, entity or spirit rather than summoning it. By evoking the being, spirit or entity you allow them to decide whether or not to come to you. If you summon them, they'd most likely come to you even when they're doing something important which can be quite annoying and forceful.

You could probably perhaps summon them if it's something extremely important. But as said, my knowledge of summoning isn't a lot and people have different views/opinions regarding summoning.

Now I will continue from where I left off at. Around the early 1900’s a guy named Austin Osman Spare developed what is now considered the modern use of sigils. He developed the use of sigils to accomplish your will and a little later Peter J. Carroll helped popularize the method.
Source : aminoapp.com ( ✣ Allen // Death )

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