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Salt Magick

1. Sea Salt
- Sea salt comes from the sea,
- carries the power of the sea and the water element.
- You can find sea salt at nearly any grocery store
- Sea salt is purifying, protective, and great as an offering to sea spirits and deities.
2. Himayalan Pink Salt
- Pink salt comes in chunky and powder form (and literally in lamp-form)
- is used for culinary purposes.
- called the “purest salt on earth” because it’s been maturing in the earth for over 250 million years!
- magically decalcifies your pineal gland (opens your third eye)
- has an added magical property of self love and romance.
- gets its pink color from the iron in it, and therefore is a powerful warding ingredient as well.
3. Witches Black Salt
- a powerful substance and a favorite among witches.
- It is NOT edible because it’s made of your choice of salt and ashes.
-The ashes come from your firepit or herb bundle remnants. Some witches also use cast-iron scrapings from their cauldron and mix it into salt.
- Black salt is protective and useful in banishing, binding, and reversal spells.
4. Kosher Salt
- The main difference between regular salt and kosher salt is that kosher salt has been blessed by a Jewish rabbi.
- It is used in the kosher process of drawing blood out of meat, in compliance with Jewish religious law.
- Kosher salt is large and flaky and can be used in magic to quickly draw out or absorb negativity (just as it absorbs blood from meat)!
5. Table Salt
- using it to purify, protect, and in ritual is perfectly acceptable if you have nothing else.
6. Hawaiian Black Salt
- an exotic culinary salt harvested from the evaporating water on the Hawaiian island Molokai.
- It is natural and has activated charcoal added to it giving it that black color.
- invokes the power and beauty of the Hawaiian islands and its volcanoes.
- *This salt is extra-strength*.
7. Alaea Red Salt
- used in Hawaiian cuisine and spiritual customs.
- The alaea added to the salt gives it its red color is actually volcanic clay that is rich in iron oxide.
- Hawaiians use this salt to cleanse their tools, canoes and homes.
-When used as a seasoning, alaea red salt is healthy as it is high in nutrients (80+).
( It is more difficult (and expensive) to purchase authentic Hawaiian alaea red salt, as most of it is now produced in California and not in Hawaii.)
Source : otherworldlyoracle.com

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